Point Jewellery Exchange is a leading South African buyer of jewellery, fine watches, diamonds, silverware, gold coins etc.
Weather you wish to sell or loan money against your valuables, we will guarantee you the best, quickest and easiest deal.
How our loans work,

We evaluate your jewellery, gold, diamonds and watches at the market related prices of the day.
Once an agreement is reached money is forwarded to you by cash, cheque or EFT your choice.
You then have the option of buying your jewellery back 1 month from date of loan.
If you do not have the full amount after one month you are able to pay the difference between the amount loaned and the amount payable, enabling you to extend. Ie loan R 5000
pay back ie, R 5500 difference R 500.
To be able to go through the loan process you will have to provide us with your Identity Document, physical address and most used contact number.


Gold is bought per gram against the gold price index. The prices differ according to carat eg, 9ct , 14ct , 18ct .



Jewellery and silverware is bought and sold taking weight, make-up and stones into consideration before being priced.



Diamonds are bought against the most recent rapaport diamond report taking weight, colour, clarity, and trading price into consideration.


Precious & Semi Precious Stones

The precious and semi-precious stones are bought and sold by carat, eg citrine, Amethyst, Garnet, emerald, tanzanite, aqua, etc.

The size and quality of these stones determines the price.


Fine Watches

We only deal in Fine watches ranging from Omega, Rolex, Tag, Breitling, Cartier, Panerai. Etc

We will buy your watch as well as loan you money against your watch.

We provide you with quick immediate cash. We also provide our clients with safe storage for all your valuables.


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